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Limbe Wildlife Centre’s African Grey Parrot Poster

I have received an update from Ainare about the 14 parrots which Limbe Wildlife Centre rescued back in November 2012. The birds were confiscated from a smuggler on his way to Nigeria and are currently being rehabbed at LWC . Ultimately, they will be released back into the wild. You can read the full story on For […]

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Water: Simply Perfect

Today’s post by guest blogger Shauna Roberts (FeedingFeathers) is all about water. Some things might seem complicated when it comes to nutrition for parrots, but when it come to water, simple and basic is best! Water makes up a large percentage of body weight and is critical for life. Once in the body water becomes […]

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UPDATE January 26, 2013: I have altered the poster (removed the fish reference) after a message from New Life Parrot Rescue: Hemp seed is also another great essential fatty acids. We wouldn’t advocate feeding parrots fish due to pollutants in our waters and the fact that most parrots are essentially vegan and get their EFAs through […]

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Calcium is Key

In captive pet birds, disorders of calcium metabolism … are common, ranging from osteodystrophy in young birds (due in part to the greater calcium requirement in young growing birds) to hypocalcemic seizures and egg binding in adults. Although African grey parrots (Psittacus erithacus) are considered to be especially susceptible to disorders of calcium metabolism, problems have been reported in a variety of […]

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Posies for Parrots!

Spring is coming (really, it is!) and it’s never too early to begin thinking about creating a “Parrot Garden”! In today’s post about edible flowers, guest blogger Shauna Roberts continues to share her expertise about nutrition with the following information about feeding flowers to parrots: Flowers can be a fun addition for garnish, to add […]

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Peas (and Beans) Add Protein for Parrots!

For this Parrot Poster about nutrition for parrots, I am very happy to introduce you to our guest blogger, Shauna Roberts. Shauna has graciously offered her expertise and experience with avian nutrition for the next few Parrot Posters. Today, she writes about why legumes are an important part of a parrot’s diet: Legumes are low […]

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A+ for Orange

Oh boy! The rain’s beating down on my window, and the skies have turned from blue to grey overnight. We’ve had an amazing summer that lasted until early October here in the Pacific Northwest, but now Autumn has definitely arrived. I love the fall; it’s my favourite season. The colourful leaves crunching on the ground, […]

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The unimpressed parrot

Like you, I “love” parrots.  I love their look, their voices, their smell, how their feathers feel against my nose, how they look silhouetted against the blue, blue sky. I love how intelligent and clever they are. I love that they fly, and I cannot. To me (and I know a lot of you reading […]

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It’s a Parrot Mash-up!

Mash, parrot salad, chop: whatever you call it, it’s good for your birds! Think of mash as a mix-up of veggies, pasta, grains and beans. It will be different every time you make it, because the recipe will depend on what you have on hand, what is fresh at the grocery store, and what you […]

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Food for Parrots

I’m very excited to present a new line of posters, designed specifically for people who have companion parrots, or have done the research and made the decision to adopt a bird and want more information. These posters can also be used by rescues who want to make sure that people sharing their lives with birds […]

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