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Parrot posters

Compassion in the classroom: it adds up.

  Kristen D. is a high school mathematics teacher who has a passion for animal welfare. She wrote me about her experience with putting the parrot posters in her classroom, and the ensuing discussion she and her students had regarding empathy and compassion for all:   After viewing the various posters, it occurred to me […]

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Iko’s 40 years

Parrots can — and do — live longer than any other companion animal.* Unfortunately, their lives are not always the best and, like yours or mine, can be fraught with hurtful experiences. The birds who are now in their thirties and forties (and above) perhaps even moreso, because they were very likely wild-caught birds, pulled […]

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Lilly-Bean’s Road to Recovery

Lilly-Bean’s story, as told by her guardian, Kim Hannah: Lilly was bought and weaned from a breeder way too young (probably less than 6 months of age) and then fed mac and cheese and mashed potatoes as the staple part of her diet from the couple who bought her. They¬†were just uneducated, as so many […]

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