Pledge For Parrots


I pledge:

Parrots should stay in the wild, not in our cages.

I pledge to help parrots stay there by supporting conservation organizations that are helping wild parrots, and working towards ending the illegal trade in wild parrots, and in creating new initiatives with local people to boost local conservation efforts.

I will not to buy any parrot from a breeder or a pet store or local market. Buying a parrot from these places helps perpetuate the use of parrots for profit.

I will learn about parrots in order to understand them as unique animals.

If after this research I feel that I can truly provide a safe and happy home for a parrot, I will adopt one from a reputable rescue, thus ultimately helping to break the cycle of commercial profit from the parrot trade.

Having a parrot in a human home means accepting that it is only one or two generations from the wild, and thus it maintains many wild characteristics. I will honour the parrot’s wild nature by understanding its need for a flock, to communicate with me, to chew, to eat a varied diet, to forage. It is a “prey animal” and thus needs the security of a flock-like environment in order to feel safe.

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