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Helping parrots, one idea at a time

There are a number of ways people can help parrots, and it doesn’t have to take a lot of money. It just takes love, dedication, and a bit of creativity! All you have to do is take a look at what your talents are, and go from there. For example, in addition to photography and […]

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Posters are a resource for the Parrot Resource Centre

The Parrot Resource Centre (PRC) is a brand-new, not-for-profit, donation-based society being formed under the Societies Act in the province of Alberta, Canada. Research indicates that up to 90% of parrots are rehomed. The PRC intends to lower this number by providing factual and un-biased information to people thinking about getting a parrot. Many people do not […]

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Robert Seymour says, Adopt A Polly!

Robert Seymour draws the fun and charming cartoons for his site, BirdBreath. He has created a number of unique characters, including Baldy, a bald eagle, Alley, an alligator, and Buzzi, a bee. There’s also Devin and Smarty, two best friends who just happen to be wild birds. These little wild birds helped inspire a very special […]

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Confiscated African Grey Parrots

Parrots just “wanna go tree.”

An important interview with Dr. Steve Boyes and the work he is doing to save the African Grey Parrot from extinction. According to the video: 20% of the global African Grey Parrot population is being removed from the wild each year and put into breeding mills to produce parrots for the pet trade. 2 – […]

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Parrot posters

Compassion in the classroom: it adds up.

  Kristen D. is a high school mathematics teacher who has a passion for animal welfare. She wrote me about her experience with putting the parrot posters in her classroom, and the ensuing discussion she and her students had regarding empathy and compassion for all:   After viewing the various posters, it occurred to me […]

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Pookie’s Rescue Fest

Pookie’s Rescue Fest was held at Lake Lily in Maitland, Florida on January 28, 2012. This was the 4th annual fundraiser and adoption day to benefit local non-profit animal rescue groups. As it states on the website, “Animals being abandoned and turned in to local shelters continue to be at an all-time high due to current economic […]

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Photos and Videos of Treatment & Sale of Wild Caught Parrots in Africa

Nearly a year ago I took a trip through West Africa and got to visit the native habitats of Senegal Parrots, Rose Ringed Parakeets, and Brown Necked Cape Parrots. I’ve already posted footage of the limited sightings I’ve made of wild parrots during the trip. Unfortunately most of my contact with parrots during the trip […]

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Interview with Dr. Sam Williams of Echo Bonaire

An excellent video about the work that is being done in Bonaire to help the parrots and parakeets there. The rescued parrots and parakeets, Sam and the Echo crew recently had the pleasure of a visit by Michael LaFortune of Arcturus Productions. He’s put together this wonderful movie of the birds we’re sure you will […]

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Free at Last – Grey Parrots in Africa

Until recently, African Grey parrots were nearly gone in Uganda. Were nearly gone, that is, until 224 Greys — confiscated from smugglers — were rehabilitated and re-released in Kibaale National Park, in July of 2011. These birds were the among 272 birds confiscated in two shipments by the Uganda Wildlife Authority. All were taken to […]

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Wildlife trade and uncontrolled deforestation threaten Africa’s parrots…

Africa’s parrots are a unique assemblage of lovebirds, Poicephalus parrots, grey parrots, and Rose-ringed parakeets that have managed to find a home in the forests and savanna of this wild and primordial continent. All species are now under serious threat from escalating trade due to emerging markets in the Far East and habitat loss due […]

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