Robert Seymour says, Adopt A Polly!

Robert Seymour draws the fun and charming cartoons for his site, BirdBreath. He has created a number of unique characters, including Baldy, a bald eagle, Alley, an alligator, and Buzzi, a bee.

There’s also Devin and Smarty, two best friends who just happen to be wild birds. These little wild birds helped inspire a very special project of Robert’s: Adopt A Poody.

You see, after Robert began noticing that the local feral and stray cats were visiting the family bird feeders and leaving wild bird parts in their wake, it occurred to him that it was only natural that Devin and Smarty (in their own best interest) start a campaign to get Poody adopted (“Poody”, as in Poody Cat).

Thus, Adopt A Poody was born, which aims to focus public attention on stray and abandoned cats (and dogs), and help find permanent homes for them.

Robert writes,

Adoption is a great and rewarding alternative. [Cats] make fantastic indoor pets. Our Cookie was. Our son and daughter-in-laws’s Mia and Abbey are also.

Robert introduces the new parrot flock to his cast of characters.

Now, as you well know, cats and dogs aren’t the only animals that need adopting. Parrots do as well, and so bird lovers let Robert know that “Polly” needs help, too. He rose to the occasion, and is now including parrots in his animal repertoire. He’s even added a flock of parroty characters to the BirdBreath cast, using names suggested to him by parrot lovers. There’s Prissy the Cockatiel, Alistair the African Grey, Diego the Amazon, and more!

Being new to the parrot world, Robert has been asking a lot of questions to the parrot people on his BirdBreath facebook page: “How do you decide what toys to give your parrots?” “Do parrots have emotions like happy, sad, anxious, stressed, extremely excited, ups and downs etc?” “What do your parrots do for exercise? Anything fun?” It’s great to see his interest, and fun to answer the questions and see what other parrot guardians have to say.

When asked what three things Robert has learned about parrots that has surprised him, he responded,

Only THREE?  Their personalities and disposition, associations with each other and associations with humans.

His enthusiasm for discovering how special and unique parrots are is infectious, and so appreciated. As he writes, “To best cartoon anything, you need to understand the subject and then relate it to the rest of us. In other words, us from their view point.” And, if I may speak for the parrot community, it is a wonderful thing to see the world from a parrot’s viewpoint!

A couple of Robert's custom posters being used by the Florida Parrot Rescue.

Upon request, Robert permits the use of Adopt A Poody (and some parrot) cartoons for animal/bird shelter/rescue advocacy purposes. He also makes available full size images for posters, with the understanding that he be notified first and they not be used for commercial purposes.

There are 16″ X 20″ posters available through the BirdBreath store, if requested. Robert has even undertaken some special customizations of the posters, such as the “Fosters Wanted” poster the Florida Parrot Rescue used during the Seminole County Adopt-a-Thon.

Thank you so much for being such a great voice for the parrot community, Robert! Your “Adopt A Poody Polly” campaign is a great way to help spread awareness to people about the many wonderful parrots waiting to be adopted into a home that is right for them!

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