Posters are a resource for the Parrot Resource Centre

Parrot Posters on the Parrot Resource Centre display table.

The Parrot Resource Centre (PRC) is a brand-new, not-for-profit, donation-based society being formed under the Societies Act in the province of Alberta, Canada.

Research indicates that up to 90% of parrots are rehomed. The PRC intends to lower this number by providing factual and un-biased information to people thinking about getting a parrot. Many people do not consider the long lifespan, the noise level, the cost, the time requirements or all the other unique attributes associated with having a parrot before they bring a parrot into their home, and these are the very traits that often lead to a parrot being rehomed.

The need for better education and a system to deal with those parrots who are unwanted or neglected is the reason the Parrot Resource Centre was formed. Towards this end, PRC engages in a variety of initiatives to help those considering the purchase of a parrot make an informed decision.

The Calgary Pet Expo 2012 was the debut event for the Parrot Resource Centre.

Volunteers, along with their feathered friends, interacted and provided an excellent opportunity to educate the public and answer questions. Tables filled with information about parrots, photographs, and also displays with the parrot posters from For Parrots were made available for people to peruse. In addition, PRC made a presentation to bring about awareness.

From Gloria Fantin, founding member of the PRC:

The complete first series of posters from For Parrots – Posters for Parrot Advocates were printed 8 1/2” X 11” in full colour and displayed as an integral part of the booth for PRC, at Pet Expo 2012, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The May 5th and 6th event drew between 10,000 and 12,000 attendees, despite a snow blizzard on the 5th!

The majority of people were shocked to see and read the facts pertaining to parrots in captivity – 90% were not aware of the facts presented in the informative and hard hitting posters. The visual impact of the photographs caught their initial attention, then the printed facts made them think.

The posters were well received and certainly achieved their purpose: education. Supported by testimonies from those at the booth, the posters were influential in making some people who thought it would be “cool” to have a parrot realize there is more to having a parrot than it just being “cool”.

On May 5th PRC did a seminar which had all seats filled: “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.” This referred not to “types of parrots” but rather to types of “guardians/owners.” The laminated posters were handed out for the attendees to view and read as three speakers from PRC presented a balanced overview of parrots in captivity.

PRC ended the seminar stressing for people to do research and more research before deciding on a parrot, advocating adoption rather than buying one from a breeder or pet store, and promoting the For Parrots website to garner additional information and take the Pledge For Parrots.

People with companion parrots who were looking for support with problems they were experiencing (from behaviour to feeding) were also assisted by the experienced PRC members. Education and sharing knowledge is key to assisting parrots – those without a voice – in having the best life possible while in a human home.

Those involved with PRC do have parrots as companions in their lives and as such are compelled to present all aspects of education and parrots. With this in mind, PRC is excited with the second phase of the For Parrots posters: Food & Nutrition. These will be incorporated into future presentations.

As it would be hypocrisy for PRC to only stand for “no parrots as pets” and to have parrots as companions, the PRC wants to provide education on why parrots should not be in captivity, but, being they are, to educate people about how to provide the best care they can for those parrots who are in captivity. And that is a very good thing for all parrots.

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