There’s a hole in my wall!

Being so close to their wild ancestors creates unique problems with owning a parrot as a pet. Parrots are naturally “prey animals” (ie. predators eat them: parrots are “prey”) and as such flock together in large groups as protection against predators. Parrots have loud calls so that they can communicate with their flock, and to alert the flock to dangers. Parrots are highly intelligent and form firm, bonded and monogamous pairs with mates. Parrots fly long distances and forage for food throughout the day.

In captivity, parrots are often kept isolated in cages, often with their wings clipped to prevent them from flying. They are unable to forage and do what comes naturally to them throughout the day, and this often brings on stress and boredom that can lead to self-mutilation: plucking off their own feathers and sometimes even worse (biting wounds into their breasts). Parrots like to chew, but they don’t know that your wall, computer, phone, table etc. is not meant for that form of play.

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